This past weekend, David and I threw our first party in a long, long time.

Last summer, David was working every single day on a work project, and I was working six days a week at my day job. That’s one of the reasons why I fell out of the blogging rhythm for so long; it also put a major damper on our entertaining mojo.

I really like throwing parties. My parties may not be ragers, or The Best Party You’ve Ever Been To, but they are casual, fun encounters with more than enough food and some super cute dogs.

The house has a fine layout to accomodate a lot of people, and I have to acknowledge that we really have a stellar patio. It’s probably the same size as our living room.


Ok, it’s a lot of pink, but at least it’s big.

One thing that I want to start doing is making non-alcoholic mixed drinks for our parties. David and I, and all of our friends, are pretty beer-focused folk, and that makes entertaining easy.  But sometimes– you just want something that’s *not* a brewski, right?

I haven’t made anything just yet, but here are some ideas that I like off of Pinterest. I’ve credited the original blogger in the captions, and be sure to click on each photo to go to the original blog.

strawberry basil margaritas

strawberry basil margaritas– just leave out the tequila! from The Kitchn

martha stewart cucumber limeade

Martha’s Cucumber Limeade

skin brightening watermelon mocktail

Skin Brightening (yay!) Watermelon Mocktail from Beautylish.com

lady lavender mocktail

Lady Lavender Mocktail from Food&Wine

And when push comes to shove, if the party’s going south… find the vodka and spike that mocktail.

Do you make party punches? How about non-alcoholic mixed drinks?

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  1. First, your patio is looking LOVELY!!! we have been the biggest slackers on parties around here. There was a time (probably 10 years ago) where every Sunday we had a gathering of friends here out on the deck where it was likely an average of 25+ people would show….I think we’ve just gotten old (and our friends have too!)

    I LOVE the idea of serving a fun punch and honestly have never made one, but I’m going to tag your page so this summer I can find these links again!!

    The watermelon one has my mouth watering even this early in the day!

  2. growing up, my parents never bought juice or soda or anything– all we really drank was water or milk. now that i’m an adult, i’m stilly struggling to remind myself to buy things that will become yummy punches and mixed drinks. i have to start making a list!

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