Cocktail Friday: The Pineapple Upside

This past week, I spent a few hours writing an article for my day job about Tiki cocktails. About how a Bay-area bar owner named Vic created the Mai Tai, and a whole bunch of other drinks to celebrate his time spent in the South Pacific. Trader Vic, as he’s now known, basically invented allll of those really alcoholic, really complicated drinks you order at bars when you’re on vacation!

Of course, I don’t have all the ingredients for a Mai Tai at my house (nope, I don’t usually carry French orgeat), so I wanted to whip up something that tasted complicated, but in reality was very simple.

  • 1 ounce vanilla rum
  • 1 ounce amaretto (It just so happens that I have Trader Vic’s brand amaretto!)
  • 2 ounces pineapple juice
  1. In a shaker over ice, add the ingredients.
  2. Shake until very cold and frothy.
  3. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. 
  4. Garnish as you choose– maraschino cherries and pineapple rings would make this a true “pineapple upside down” flavor, but I just went with my cute lobster swizzle stick!
It’s not the prettiest cocktail (until they make clear amaretto, this won’t be a looker), but it’s sweet and calming and nice and relaxing! 
The perfect drink for a sweltering weekend?

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  1. Trader Vic is my hero as a cook…his books are amazing, especially the 1970 Bartender’s Guide which includes a couple hundred other inventions of his, including the punch I shared with you via twitter! Anyone who ever finds it at a used book store should check it out.
    And if I could plug my site, among the four contributors to the Addison Recorder is resident expert on all things alcoholic J. Michael Bestul (who is married to Stephanie Ruehl of Etsy’s The Sisters Ruehl for all you other crafty people out there).

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