The Best 80s and 90s Christmas Commercials Ever

So, the other day I was watching TV and saw my first go-round of the M&Ms Santa Commercial. You know it:

I kind of realized that I’ve been seeing it for AGES. Note the black bars down the sides of the screen because it’s not in an extended aspect ratio?

Yeah, that commercial has been airing since 1996.

It got me thinking– I need another roundup!

Here’s a list of the Best 80s and 90s Christmas Commercials!

The Hershey Kisses Bells

Still an oldie & goodie that I love seeing each year.

The 7-Up Dots

I wonder why they ever got rid of the dots. Think they’ll make a comeback?

Farfel the Dog for Nestle

Farfel is super old– back into the black and white TV days of yore. I think he’s pretty cute, but wouldn’t mind him staying forgotten, lest he come back as some sort of CGI monstrosity.

Old Navy Performance Fleece

The best celebrity shill in 1996 was the Smothers Brothers? And all of these commercials went on for AGES. Also– who is the older lady in the glasses? She and Iris Apfel were possibly friends.

Coca Cola CGI Bears

These were cute. These should come back.

McDonald’s “Runaways”


Campbell’s Melting Snowman

As a kid, I was, somewhat, afraid of this actually happening.

Fruity Pebbles

“Ho, ho, ho, I’m hu-hu-hungry,” is still in my regular vocabulary.

Folger’s “Peter Comes Home For Christmas”

I don’t think I ever figured out Peter’s relationship to the family. Older brother or Uncle to the little girl? Random dude who just wakes everyone up with coffee? Who knows.

What are some of the Christmas commercials you remember?

80s and 90s Christmas Commercials

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