Holiday Card Roundup!

Now, I’m assuming no one is coming to a blog called “Yankee Smartass” for reverent, religious or otherwise classy holiday advice. Because you’re not really going to find that here. I’ve written before about how I celebrate atheist Christmas, and a huge part of that is having fun, laughs, and feelings of togetherness with your family.

That being said, I wanted to expand upon my previous years Christmas gift wrap roundups and do a multi-day barrage of Christmas coverage. Today’s post?

Holiday cards!


2015 Holiday Card Roundup


I love all of the cards on this roundup, but in particular, I ADORE the top line of cards, which are all from a new line by my friend Lindsay, found at her shop Pop Fizz Sparkle. They’re all featuring lines from 80s and 90s pop hits– “You spin me right round” for the dreidel, or “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want” over the Santa.
Love. It.
And best yet, she sells boxed sets, too…
I think that since, this year, David and I are adult enough to actually own a house, we have to be adult enough to send out Christmas cards. Is that how it works?

What kind of Christmas cards are you sending this year?

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