A Few Notes On Christmas Booze

A few notes on Christmas Booze:

  1. Hot buttered rum is hot rum, with butter in it. Maybe avoid.
  2. Mulled wine is only as good as your ingredients. It is not meant to be chugged. Splurge on a good bottle of Zinfandel or Merlot for this, because you’re mixing it with apple cider anyway. Pour volume should be 2-4 ounces.
  3. Hot toddies are lethal. Only one unless you’re looking to escape a bad situation through 14 hours of sleep.
  4. Under no circumstance are you allowed to buy pre-alcoholed eggnog. Please buy eggnog separately from the alcohol.
  5. Acceptable eggnog alcohols include:
    1. Brandy (cognac if you fancy)
    2. Dark rum
    3. Amaretto
  6. Hot chocolate is a wonderful mixer. Add white creme de menthe for peppermint hot chocolate, add amaretto for almond hot chocolate. Add Chambord for a fruity/raspberry (technically, cassis) hot chocolate. Do not use schnapps,  because the sugar levels are too low for pleasant drinking.

    courtesy pexels.com

    courtesy pexels.com

  7. You may have heard that Calvados is a lovely digestif after a Christmas dinner, and it is! But apple brandy is essentially Liquid Plumr for humans. 1-2 ounces. Total. Unless you want to ruin a party.

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