5 Resolutions for Smart Women

It’s the first Monday after the New Year, and we all know what that means: we’re freaking out over work emails and them spending our lunch breaks on Amazon buying all the shit we think we need to keep our Resolutions.

But rather than spend $40 on free weights that are just going to collect dust by February 1st, here are a few New Year’s Resolutions for Smart Women.

2015 New Year's Resolutions for Smart Women

  1. Figure Out Finances. This is my resolution and one of my biggest hurdles. I’m a HUGE impulse shopper. Amazon Prime is my worst enemy. Though I’ve been credit card debt free for a while now (praise the stars), I can’t stop spending $3-15 every day on things I don’t actually really need. Here are my goals: Learn the difference between needs and wants. Learn to re-shape and work with what you already have. Maybe stop storing credit card info on shopping sites, so you’re less likely to purchase spur-of-the-moment. Use some common sense when it comes to spending.
  2. Cut Toxic Friends. Since moving out of the commutable distance of where I’ve lived the past eight years, I’ve lost a lot of friends. A lot. Two-total-Christmas-party-invites-type lost. And you know what? Life is really good. I am 1) not spending money I don’t have trying to keep up with the Jones-es at cocktail hours and all that crap and 2) no longer pretending to be nice to people I didn’t like all that much to begin with. Granted, you probably shouldn’t or can’t move from your city just to refresh your friend sphere, but here are a few tricks: you don’t have to unfriend people on Facebook, just tell your feed to ignore them using the little “I don’t want to see this” drop down menu. Start to decline invitations to parties you really don’t want to go to. Mute folks on Twitter. Voila!
  3. Get more sleep. Easier said than done, I know. But science can back me up on this: you feel better when you sleep more. Staring at your phone or computer or tablet before bed screws with your sleep. Back away and pick up a real-life printed book (not a Kindle! Not a Nook! Nothing that plugs in, for crying out loud!). Put on comfy pants, wash your face, brew a cup of tea, and just chillax when you’re home from work. If you can, prep a simple dinner (and yes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch can be dinner if that’s what you want). Your home is your sanctuary and if you can, your sanctuary should be snooze-filled.
  4. Stretch. Both physically and mentally. When I was a teenager, I used to stand in my kitchen and talk to my mom and put my feet up on the counter (I know, gross, but bear with me) to stretch out my legs and back after sitting in school all day. Limbering up is super good for you. And mentally? Duh. I’m 29 and I’m already having senior moments. Read challenging books, skip over the news articles that have video synopses and read the in-depth, long-form shit. Pick up The Economist and read a few articles even if it’s all jibberish. Your brain will thank you.
  5. Lower Your Expectations. lower your expectationsI don’t know what context this is for my girl Amy Poehler, but it’s overall good advice. I mean, don’t start dating people who treat you like shit and all that, but above all: release the pressure you put on yourself. You are not going to look like a Pinterest Street Style model every day. Your kid’s birthday party does not have to have a theme outside of “It’s your birthday!”. And (one thing that I learned) stop waiting for Thank Yous and I’m Sorrys that won’t ever come. Some people are great big bags of dicks and no amount of wishing and hoping is going to make them good people. Rise above, and lower your expectations of them. You’ll be better for it.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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